Have you shared your experience yet?

The following request has been received from the Cancer Council:   Tom -- We've had a fantastic response to our earlier email asking people to call Cancer Council 131120 Information and Support and share their experiences of advanced and terminal cancer. But to help us strengthen palliative care across NSW we need to hear from [...]

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Research Study – Hormone Therapy in Prostate cancer

For your consideration:   From: Amy Hayden <Amy.Hayden@health.nsw.gov.au> Date: Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 9:01 AM Subject: FW: Research study To: "nbmpcsgnews@gmail.com" <nbmpcsgnews@gmail.com> Dear David & Support Group, I was wondering if it is possible to distribute the attached flyer to the support group or include in your member communication? Metformin study patient information sheet [...]

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