About the Nepean/Blue Mountains Prostate Cancer
Support Group


The principal object of this association is to promote the case of the support for those who have prostate cancer, or suspect that they may have prostate cancer and their carer’s, to ensure that such people know they are Not Alone.

We have been operating for some years now and became an incorporated Association in March 2007, we are an approved DGR recipient with Australian tax office, which means that donations made to our association are tax deductible.

Partners and carers are especially welcome, laughter and tears usually balance one another out!!

From time to time we have open forums, with no guest speaker, where members discuss and raise issues that are of concern or interest to them.

Our three rules are:

1. Everything said in the meeting, stays in the meeting.
2. Everyone is entitled to their point of view.
3. We do not provide medical advice.

If you would like to become a member, please contact our secretary, you do not have to be a member to attend our meetings and no charge is made for attending any of our meetings.

Thank you for your interest in our group.

Our Board


Board Members of the Nepean / Blue Mountains Prostate Cancer Support Group for 2019/2020 are as follows:

President: David Wilkinson
Vice President & Treasurer: Graeme Renshaw
Honorary Secretary and Membership Coordinator: Wayne Singleton
Librarian: Robert Wittrien
Newsletter Editor: Alan Howard
Promotions Officer: John Kemp


Life Members

Alan Moran

Gabrielle Moran

Brett Sowerby

Alan Howard  

Ian Davis – Deceased

 Eric Kent 

John Kemp

Robert Wittrien

Denis & Sue Gallagher

Oct 2013

Oct 2014

Dec 2017

Dec 2017

Oct 2018