NEPEAN / BLUE MOUNTAINS PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP                                                                                   GLENBROOK  AUSTRALIA  DAY  CELEBRATIONS  2019  REPORT
WOW, it was hot, WOW it was humid, never the less, we were there at the Celebrations for the 5th year,
Thank you David, Alan, & Dennis, for being on site just after 7-30 am to help set up our information stall, we were all set up & ready by 8-30 am for the crowds to roll in at 9.
 10-00 a m, still waiting for the crowds to roll in….. In all the years, & Prostate Cancer Info stalls we have run, this is the very first time, it was too hot & humid to stand out the front of our stand, handing our brochures, we stayed in the shade of our tent, (only came out for the Photo shoot).
11-00 a m, to 12 noon, STILL waiting, very hot & humid, it is now obvious there will be no rolling in of crowd. It was estimated  only about  one third of the usual attendance were there on the day. despite that, all members of our group who said they would be there and man the tent at different times, did so.
Thank you to Peter, Graham, Jon & Joe for coming and enduring the hottest / humid part of the day. despite the heat, we spoke to a number of men / wives re Prostate Cancer Awareness, & handed out about 40 brochures, way down from the usual 160 to 180 we normally do.
1-35 p m,  was the best part of the day,  the Australia Day  Organisers came around & told all stall holders they are shutting the event down at 2 pm, (instead of after 3 pm), due to the weather,
It took about 40 minutes to set our site up, but about 20 minutes to pull the site down and pack into my car! (which I might add, was not unpacked till Sunday morning).
Again a big thank you, to all the above members, & their wives for being there, or supported their men being there.
A special thank you to Alan was was with me the entire day.
Letting all Members know if it is that hot again next year, I have two plans to get through it,  what are they? can’t tell you yet!
Thank you for reading our first event report for 2019.
John Kemp.
Promotions Officer
Nepean / Blue Mountains
Prostate Cancer Support Group