Our BIG Bunnings Fathers Day BBQ Day at Penrith North Bunnings, Saturday 31st September 2019                                                                                                               

What a great day, you could just about say “near perfect” day,

7-20 am.  The trailer arrived with 800 Sausages, 800 bread rolls, & 25 kg of sliced onions.

7-25 am. The other cars arrived with the drinks and associated gear.

7-30 am,  The trailer is already party unloaded, and the tent area half set up by the about 6 people who came so early to do the set up Thank You

7-56 am,  The first lot of Sausages were ready for selling, 

7-58 am,  The first sold, more members turning up to help,

 8-00 am, The “official” start time things were in full swing, already the people in the cooking tent were getting a great system going, that system worked perfectly the whole day, plenty of hands on deck at all times. To many people to name individually, but things flowed VERY smoothly, thanks to each of you for that. 

As we say at these events, “Come when you can, & go when you have to”, also worked well.  It was the best staffed BBQ we have had.

3-45 pm, only about 25 sausages left to sell,

3-55 pm, with about 12 to 15 to go & a good dish of onions left, the last lot of folk buying had Sausages on a Bun WITH THEIR ONIONS, the opposite to what we had been selling all day! (I can’t confirm, but am pretty sure I heard someone around that time ask for an “Onion sandwich)!

4-03 pm SAUSAGE 800 sold!

4-04 pm after congratulation all around, the clean up / money counting started & went as smoothly as the preceding 8 1/2 hours, 

4-35,  tent cleaned & checked, everyone saying their good byes. the show is over for another year!

Once again a special thank you, not only from our groups board, but from members who could not make the day, to each & every one who was there at any time of the day, To several members who we had not seen for a while, thanks for still being an active part of our group, to the wives who came, also thank you.

The Takings for the day were approximately $1600 with separate donations amounting to $180. A great result…  (The only thing that would have made the day better would have been if Penrith could have won on Saturday night) 

Looking forward to seeing you all at our next meeting on 16th September, when our guest speaker will be Dr Winters on recent developments in Prostate cancer treatment.

John Kemp, Promotions Director