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Future of our Face to Face Meetings
Monthly Meeting – Monday 20 July 6 45 pm via Zoom

Of special interest to men with continence issues.

Our Secretary Wayne has recently received advice from the Managers of St Stephen’s Church Hall where we hold our monthly meetings that we may be able to resume face to face meetings from 17 August 2020 and administrative matters are now being worked on to comply with Covid requirements.

Further advice will follow as we know more.

Our July Zoom meeting will have a special presentation by Karen Newby who is a registered nurse with specialist continence management training who is employed by Tena, a proud partner of PCFA – see details below.

TENA is the leading brand in adult male incontinence products and has recently become a Major Partner of PCFA. The partnership aims to bring incontinence out of the shadows, equipping men with the support they need and raising community awareness so we breakdown the stigma that drives many men to suffer in silence

Through the partnership, TENA also intends to provide PCSGs nationally with the opportunity for a health care professional to appear as a guest speaker at their regular meetings – to present to their group (using PCFA approved content) on continence management options following prostate cancer treatment.

Karen Newby is a registered nurse with specialist continence management training. Karen will provide practical advice on management options in the context of treatment for PROSTATE cancer. Including why treatment can trigger issues, where you can find additional support and which products may be useful for managing incontinence.

While a Zoom meeting is not the same as the personal contact within a face to face meeting it is a very good substitute and is easy to navigate even for someone with very limited computer skills. In respect of Karen, we would not be able to have her presentation without Zoom as she lives in Perth.

Zoom allows for two way interaction and Karen will be happy to answer your questions

If you would like to participate in the virtual meeting and have not already downloaded Zoom please send me an email – president@prostatesupport.org.au – so that I can issue an invitation to you to join a meeting with me so that I can help you with the Zoom download and setup.

NOTE: there is no cost in downloading Zoom or using it as an invited guest.

If you have already downloaded Zoom and would like to participate then send me an email – president@prostatesupport.org.au – so that I can issue a meeting invitation to you.

I encourage you to try Zoom at least once as I have found, as have many others, that Zoom works very well indeed.

I look forward to our Zoom meeting on 20 July.
Kind regards

David Wilkinson
Phone 1300 13 38 78

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