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From: The Hon. Jim Lloyd <Jim.Lloyd@pcfa.org.au>
Sent: Monday, 22 February 2021 12:17 PM
To: Debra Garroun <Debra.Garroun@pcfa.org.au>; Christopher McNamara <Christopher.McNamara@pcfa.org.au>; Anne Savage <Anne.Savage@pcfa.org.au>; Professor Jeff Dunn AO <jeff.dunn@pcfa.org.au>
Cc: The Hon. Jim Lloyd <Jim.Lloyd@pcfa.org.au>
Subject: Next PCFA Webinar Wed 17th March


Dear Support Group Leaders

Please find below the details for the first PCFA webinar for 2021. ED and the associated treatments are always of great interest to many men and I’m sure this will be a well-attended webinar. Please circulate to all members of your support group. There is a link below to register plus all the details are also in our online community section

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An update on penile rehabilitation – Dr Michael Gillman.

Date: Wednesday 17th March

Time: 12:00pm AEDT (Canberra/Sydney/ Melbourne).


The next instalment in the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia’s Consumer Education Webinar series is open for registrations!


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is common after radical prostatectomy and has a negative impact on health-related quality of life. ED is a condition in which a man is unable to obtain an erection or maintain it long enough for sexual intercourse. ED can affect relationships between partners if left untreated and many men feel embarrassed to talk to a doctor about this problem and sometimes will fall victim to various frauds and scams. During 2020 erectile dysfunction medication became more affordable for men, with tadalafil (Cialis) coming off patent. Dr. Michael Gillman, a pioneer in men’s health and penile rehabilitation will give an update on pharmaceuticals and clinical pathways used in the management of penile rehabilitation following prostate cancer treatment.


CLICK HERE to register for this Webinar or type the link below into your web browser:

(  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YpEbek6SQUCDyKcfuybPdQ )







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