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Dear PCFA Support Groups,


The gold standard of care for prostate cancer begins with the patient and his support group talking with the experts – the surgeon (urologist), a radiation oncologist and a specialist nurse. In doing so, the man is provided with the relevant information and impartial advice he needs to make an informed decision about his preferred treatment.


Unfortunately, Australian men with a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer that require active treatment, as opposed to careful monitoring ADD or active surveillance, are often not given all the options available to them. A growing body of evidence and treatment guidelines support the fact that less invasive radiation therapy is equally effective in curing or controlling cancer as surgical removal of the prostate.


I have attached a recent article that was published in The Conversation which discusses various options for the treatment of prostate cancer. It was written by Associate Professor Dr Sandra Turner, a Senior Radiation Oncologist at the Crown Mary Cancer Centre and Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.


I ask that you distribute this article to members of your association either by email or in your next newsletter.



Lee Hunt

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