John Kemp’s Report on: 
I arrived at the Pro shop at 6-10 am Saturday 18th August 2018 to set up for the Leonay Golf Clubs Charity day on behalf of our Support Group. I was thankful & pleased that the club had already set up the Raffle table & prizes inside the WARM PRO SHOP. As I started to put out our Banner & Brochures, David Wilkinson & Rob Wittrien arrived at 6-15 to sell the early bird tickets as I set up 3 small brochure display areas out around the first tee.
I could see that the two above mentioned men were doing such a great job in a small area selling tickets to club members coming in, I didn’t want to put them off, so I left them at their task, spent watching members tee off, chatting to other members and being seen, (I called it PR, working the room, but David called it?????????? ) I could see if we are offered the same opportunity again there, how we could improve our contact,  without putting golf members off what they are really there for… a round of golf
At 8am, Peter Murphy and Denis Gallagher arrived & continued on the ticket selling.. it was a great early team effort on such a cold windy morning, our Support Group members came when they could, and went when they had to, David and Rob had to go a little later, so Dennis & Peter did the 8 till 10 ticket shift.
Dennis & I did the 10 to noon shift.
 At noon Dennis & I packed the displays, brochures, raffle prizes & set them up upstairs to where the late afternoon presentations were were going to be made. Dennis very kindly did the 12-15 to 3-30 shift up stairs keeping a watch on selling more tickets, the prizes, (and the footy on the big screen) while I had to shoot out for 3 hours, 
Around 3-30 pm I arrived back, and David shortly after to help Dennis sell the last minute raffle tickets sales, (all up approx 1000 tickets were sold) The raffle was drawn about 4-30, & the most exciting thing for me was….. I SOLD the winning ticket to a lady, (who has no idea what she is going to do with the expensive golf bag).
Summing up it was a very successful day on a number of fronts, a fund raising event, a getting known, & talking to men about Prostate Cancer awarenees

The results of the donations to our group is approximately $3700. (An article written by our President for the Press is copied below.)

My sincere thank you to Leonay Sports Club, David, Rob, Peter, Dennis, for helping us cover the whole 10 hour day.
John Kemp, Promotions Director

Leonay Golf Club – Fundraising Day for our Group

Leonay Golf Club hosted the Col Roffe Memorial Charity Golf Day on 18 August, continuing its outstanding and ongoing involvement with charities in the Nepean and Blue Mountains districts.

Leonay Golf Club has donated in excess of $50,000 to various charities since 2004 and 2018 marks the second consecutive year it will support Prostate Cancer survivors. This year Leonay Golf Club chose the Nepean/Blue Mountains Prostate Cancer Support Group as its beneficiary.

Leonay Golf Club is aware that this insidious cancer kills an average 3,200 men per year in Australia, yet there is often still a disturbing reluctance in the community to not only recognise the illness but also take proactive steps to tackle the problem in the early stages.

About 150 golfers took part on the day and Wayne Worthy of Parramatta Lexus, Guardian Funerals and Drummond Golf donated the raffle prizes.

At the end of the day our Group received a total of $3,763.90 being made up of a donation of $2,000 from the Men’s Club, a donation of $500 from the Ladies Club and $1,263.90 from the raffle.

At the presentation in accepting the proceeds the President thanked the Leonay Golf Club for choosing our Group as the beneficiary assuring those present that the money would be put to good use within and presented Les on behalf of the Leonay Golf Club Committee with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Special thanks are given to John, Peter, Rob and Denis for assisting on the day and especially to John and Rob for their 6:15 am start.

David Wilkinson