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February 2019

Welcome back to the Online Community Digest. We hope you had an enjoyable break during the festive season. Thank you for the respectful interactions and support given to one another during this period on the Community Forum.

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Video Gallery

The Video Gallery is a space to explore important insights from leading prostate cancer health experts.

webcast panel

Prostate Cancer: Advanced Stages

Our latest Ask the Experts webcast was hosted by Ricardo Goncalves and featured an expert panel who discussed an overview of advanced prostate cancer.
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Community Forum

The Community Forum is a supportive space to connect with others managing life with prostate cancer.

Research Blog

The Research Blog features the latest advances in prostate cancer research.

man sitting

Pain relief for men with prostate cancer

Pain can be a big issue for men with prostate cancer. It can be both a symptom of the cancer and a side effect from its treatment. For men with metastatic prostate cancer, bone pain is…
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Prostate tumour growth driven by onecut2

Some prostate cancers are more aggressive than others. They grow quickly, spread and become resistant to drugs. Developing better treatments for aggressive prostate cancers is a major research…
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collage of researchers

Top 10 prostate cancer research stories from 2018

Prostate cancer research has advanced significantly in 2018. Clinical trials have demonstrated the success of new treatments, and new uses for existing treatments. Basic research…
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cyberknife machine

Is CyberKnife better than the current standard treatments for localised prostate cancer?

Men diagnosed with localised prostate cancer often look to the newest technology for their treatment. It can be surprising to find that the latest…
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prostate cancer scans

Which scans are best for men with recurrent prostate cancer?

It’s unfortunate that prostate surgery does not always mean the end of prostate cancer. Rising PSA levels after surgery mean that the cancer is probably on the way back. Some men with recurrent…
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test tubes

Australian study validates a biomarker to predict the success of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can be a good treatment for metastatic prostate cancer. But it doesn’t work for everyone. Unfortunately it takes months of treatment before the success…
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Community News and Views

Community News & Views is a roundup of the latest activities and insights that raise community awareness and support those impacted by prostate cancer across Australia.

diagram to show the ratio of people who stay with active surveillance

New location for the Moreton Bay Regional PCSG

The November meeting of the Moreton Bay Regional Prostate Cancer Support Group saw their first meeting at the new Queensland Government Health Precinct at North Lakes, after 6 years at the Redcliffe Hospital…
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