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March 2019

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Video Gallery

The Video Gallery is a space to explore important insights from leading prostate cancer health experts.

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Speaking from Experience: Prostate Cancer in Younger Men

The latest video from our “Speaking from Experience” series is now available on the Video Gallery. Five men and a partner openly discuss their experience as younger men diagnosed with prostate cancer…
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Pelvic Floor Muscle – 3D Animation

Visualise your pelvic floor and see exactly what it is, where it’s located and why it is important to train this hidden group of muscles. This 3D animation shows you how the pelvic floor muscle moves and supports bladder and bowel control, via The Continence Foundation
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Community Forum

The Community Forum is a supportive space to connect with others managing life with prostate cancer.

Research Blog

The Research Blog features the latest advances in prostate cancer research.

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Darolutamide, a new drug in development for men with non-metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer

Men with prostate cancer, who have a rising PSA despite hormone therapy, know their cancer is on the move. New treatments are needed to slow cancer growth…
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Blocking fatty acid uptake: a new approach to treating prostate cancer

A new Australian study has uncovered a weakness in prostate cancer cells. The researchers studied the energy needs of prostate cancer cells grown in…
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Complementary and alternative therapies for prostate cancer

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing. Men with prostate cancer often react with determination, vowing to fight the disease by any means possible. Aside from…
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MRI scan

The MRI-FIRST study demonstrates the benefit of combined biopsy techniques

MRI has improved the way prostate cancer is diagnosed. Many men now have an MRI scan before their biopsy to detect prostate cancer. MRI can be used to…
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Community News and Views

Community News & Views is a roundup of the latest activities and insights that raise community awareness and support those impacted by prostate cancer across Australia.

If you have news about a recent event or activity that you have been involved in, we would love to hear from you.

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