The Group recently received this message.

We feel that some members may be willing to participate in the study.

Subject: Recruitment of participants for study on interpretation of the term cancer ‘survivor’

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Is the term cancer survivor helpful, or unhelpful?
What makes some-one turn away from, or identify with, cancer survivorship?

I am writing to you from the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety & Depression (CRUfAD) at St Vincent’s Hospital, and am currently working with Dr Michael Murphy on a current study that seeks to explore the meaning of the term ‘survivor’ to cancer patients, with the aims of improving tailoring of cancer survivorship programs to target populations via understanding of individual responses to the term ‘survivor’.

We are seeking to explore this across a spectrum of ages and cancer types, and are currently recruiting for participants who may be willing to share their thoughts of whether they would identify with the term ‘survivor’, and there are any perceived benefits to doing so. We believe that speaking to individuals with a lived experience of cancer will provide a distinctive insight into who a cancer survivor may be.
We read with interest the work that your institution is engaged in the provision of support and are for men with prostate cancer, and would thus like to sincerely request for your assistance via the reference of eligible participants who may be willing to share their opinions and experiences through a face-to-face interview in a group setting at CRUfAD.

These groups will take place on 16 June and 21 July (Fridays) and will take around an hour of their time.

To thank the participants for their time, we will be providing refreshments and a small gift voucher.

Please contact Cheryl Teo at for any queries, and we hope to hear from you soon.

This study has been approved by St Vincent’s Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee reference number: LNR/16/SVH/350.

Kind regards,
Cheryl Teo and Dr Michael Murphy
Research Team

Forwarded by:
Alan Howard
Newsletter Editor
Nepean / Blue Mountains
Prostate Cancer Support Group