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The Support Group has been contacted by Cancer Wellness Support seeking stories from Stage 4 Cancer Survivors for a book that a local resident is writing.  Details follow below and if you would like to share your Stage 4 story please get in touch with Cancer Wellness Support, Blue Mountains on 4782 4866.


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Local resident Raquel Watts, a stage 4 metastatic melanoma survivor, is reaching out to other stage 4 cancer survivors and thrivers to contribute their stories for compilation in her upcoming book.

Upon diagnosis, one of Raquel’s first questions was ‘Are there any survivors of stage 4 cancer and if so, how did they reverse a terminal prognosis?’.  Much of the reporting surrounding cancer is negative and fear based including the choice of language describing people’s experiences to the outcomes of diagnosis and treatment.

Raquel’s goal is to compile the stories of cancer survivors into a ‘good news’ story providing hope and inspiration to cancer patients, survivors and their carers.

There are many definitions to wellness and survivorship.  Raquel’s definition:


The person is in complete remission from their stage 4 cancer prognosis. The person is in good physical and mental health from their newly founded lifestyle with an intention to continue same.  Above all, the person believes that they are no longer a cancer victim. Rather, the person defines themselves as one who has overcome their stage 4 cancer and has a strong conviction in this. The person is now living their life in the new normal, strongly believing that they will live for many years to come.

If you feel that you are this person and you wish to submit your story for possible inclusion in Raquel’s book, please contact Cancer Wellness Support, Blue Mountains on 4782 4866 today.

Raquel is kindly donating all profits from the sale of her book to Cancer Wellness Support,  your support of her project is greatly appreciated.